I have been going to the Bhartiya Vidya Bhavan dance school for the past 11 years. Every year I have a great experience learning new dances and getting the opportunity to perform throughout the year.  ~Vani Kumar


I've learned a lot in one year from Swati Aunty's school. Throughout the year I have learned different dances and seen my classmates do dances from previous years. I have also made new friends and learned about them and their experiences with dance. It's been a great year and I can't wait to do it all over again!  ~Arusha Kumria


Nartan Rang dance school has given me the opportunity to become a better dancer. This year has been fun and exciting because of the creative choreography, great song choices and mainly all the beautiful memories. Swati auntie has taught us so much and tries her best to make us all better dancers.  ~Radhika Patel


I have explored India in the form of folk, Bollywood, and semi-classical dances and through the elements of dance: Natya (drama), Nritya (steps), and Nritta (expression).  Over the past 12 years, Swati aunty has acted as both a mentor and a mother. She has given me the most gift of filling the culture gap between being Indian and living in America.  ~Padmini Nath


I joined Nartan Rang a few months before the annual show and Swati Aunty warmly accepted me into the school, helping me catch up and acknowledging my potential.  I soon became a dance assistant to help teach little kids. Now as a graduate, I find it a blessing that I can come back and do what I love while helping others and the woman who inspired me.  ~Ciera Paily


I recently joined Natan Rang Dance Academy & I had the best year! In just a year, I saw improvement in the way I dance and I'm glad I decided to join. Swati Auntie comes up with excellent dances with great choreography that can be challenging at first, but in return, it teaches us to be a better dancer!  ~Anisha Singla


This dance school has taught me many lessons about life. As the years went by I learned what passion is, how to continue my passion for dance, and how to live for passion.  ~Suhani Doshi